etiquette, maybe?

From Facebook: "Don't get me started on the stupid people who feel the need to talk about their political opinions in the work place on a daily basis. Guess some people have never heard of office edicit."
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I was editing a document at work, and a coworker reminded me about a grammar rule:

"Never end a sentence with a proposition."

I mean, I guess it's not strictly a requirement, but-- hey, do you want to talk about this more upstairs, maybe over a drink?
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we are having a halloween coloring contest at work. this is part of an email that was just sent out about it:

"I have passed out coloring sheets for the Halloween Coloring contest. Please color them like the Michael Angelo’s you are."

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Normally certain people on my f-list are exempt from my grumpy wrath to misspellers, but this made me laugh today:

"That's like Chinese water torcher!"

A water torcher? I *TOTALLY* want one of those!

I won't link to the original LJ entry, because the friend who wrote it is rather sensitive and will get all butt-hurt about it :)
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